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May 09 2015


The Latest Advice On Selecting Core Factors For Repossessed Cars

You Also Need To Watch Your Budget.

Perfectly, most of them are nicely taken care of if not, they can be new. Banking companies and federal government agencies deliver techniques to get rid of this sort of assets. The very simple fact is that lots of individuals never have any idea that they can purchase cars and http://www.tfa20years.org/ trucks this way so they shed dollars by paying out very inflated price ranges to motor vehicle dealerships. They are auctions in just about each and every town throughout the United States.

April 18 2015


Professional Advice On Level-headed Repossessed Cars Plans

A 44-year-old Mother Of Three, Including A Blind Son, Pleas Borrowed $255 To Buy Groceries And Pay The Electricity Bill.

email "They rely on the inability of people to pay them off to generate fees and profits for the providers." The rules would apply not only to payday loans but also to vehicle title loans in which a car is used as collateral and other forms of high-cost lending. Before extending a loan due within 45 days, lenders would have to ensure that borrowers could repay the entire debt on schedule. Incomes, borrowing history and other financial obligations would need to be checked to show that borrowers were unlikely to default or roll over the loan. In general, there would be a 60-day "cooling off period" between loans. And lenders would have to provide "affordable repayment options." Loans couldn't exceed $500, impose multiple finance charges or require a car as collateral.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.moberlymonitor.com/article/ZZ/20150326/NATIONWORLD/150329897/-1/NEWS

Banks And Other Financial Institutions Are Being Forced To Repossess More Cars Than They Can Store.

Many times these auctions have cars that have been repossessed from local banks and credit unions that have no desire to keep them. If you found the car you are wishing for, don?t forget to make a detailed check about its history including the financial status of the owner. And it's possible to find good deals, but most people don't know they exist.

A Number Of Repossessed Car Auction Outlets Provide A Facility Where You Can Bid Remotely Or Advise The Maximum You Wish To Go To.

They want to disposed them immediately so they reduced down selling prices for straightforward invest in. For occasion, you however need to have to know where these repossessed cars and trucks for sale in Texas arrived from. This is why you can get them at a lower value. Cars For Sale ? Authorities Vehicle Auction ? Japan Utilised Automobiles On Sale altos for sale at government Auctions: Government vehicle auctions are now starting to be a lot more and more well known as time goes by basically for the reason that this is the great way for any specific be it auto mobile sellers, reactors, or even teen to purchase cars and trucks or residences bank repossessed cars due to affordability. This variety of auction is acquiring well-known because of its cheapest starting off bids.

Just The Cost Of Storage Can Be Very High.

These sellers array from wholesalers, lender redo fellah, and personal vendor. Normally the cars are bought on an ?As Inspected? basis. We now comprehend public auto mobile auctions but what about on-line car auctions and what is actually the variation?

To read more about repossessed cars visit repossesedcars

October 09 2014


How To Get The Best Amount Over A Auto Loan

You Should Only Go To The Dealer As Soon As You Know Completely Which Make And Model You Want.

A lot of people take a look at automobile purchasing likewise they search at possessing a tooth drawn. It could be exciting developing a new automobile, but selecting the appropriate 1 demands studying, researching, and time. By heeding the data that adheres to, you could make sure the vehicle shopping process is satisfying, rather than unpleasant.
If you fail to make a package, you could be spending money. You should not invest in a car for the purpose it affirms in the windows. Merchants boost the value so that you can have wiggle area together with the consumer use this in your favor.
Examine online just before seeing the whole lot. You should only go to the dealer as soon as you know completely which make and model you want. For you to do just a little Internet research very first to view what brand may possibly work for you, which vehicles are the most secure and other items that a car dealership won't explain to you.
Search online for great bargains. The web will save you a ton! Upon having discovered the perfect automobile, you can drive to the dealer providing the motor vehicle or go to your car dealership and get them get the vehicle for you. When the genuine seller providing the auto is fairly close by, consider proceeding there your self to be able to know the most large financial savings.
When negotiating, concentrate on the closing selling price rather than monthly obligations. A dealer will make any ideal monthly cost feasible, but you'll wind up spending that monthly price for many years, producing the very last expense of the car excessive. Concentration your discussing on getting the best offer possible about the full cost and funding you obtain. Then you could discover monthly premiums.
Consider the mileage an auto becomes before choosing it. As an example, a V-8 that will tow may possibly look like a good idea. But think of how frequently you undoubtedly need the further horse power provided by a V-8 engine and just how commonly you may take advantage of the towing attribute.
Avoid talking about incentives or straight down monthly payments well before discussing. These various things needs to be deducted in the ultimate selling price. Also, you are going to generally get a far better overall cost should you work out the offer from your onset.
Test drive your recommended car without the need of crash. Even if you determine what your upcoming car must be and also the seller has it, nevertheless take it out for the analyze drive. This will give you a genuine daily life sense of the vehicle. You might find your self unpleasantly surprised by a difficult drive or coarse managing.
Sales staff often times have month to month quotas to attain. Should you go automobile store shopping following the calendar month, it will be possible to get some exciting offers. Anyone who needs to make their quota can do what it requires to offer an auto. The process gives you an edge in the course of negotiation.
Look into car reveals to assist you to decide what type of auto you'd like. These reveals are a fantastic ability to compare various brands in one location. There car blog are also out much information from a lot of knowledgeable resources there. You'll know which models optimum your curiosity, after.
Just before shopping for a automobile, check out your budget. It is recommended to know specifically that you stand up before you begin taking a look at autos. Figure out how much you can spend on a monthly basis on car payments. You will need to find a loan prior to auto store shopping.
Go over each inch in the auto you wish to get. Look for any dents and scuff marks on the outside. Make sure to inspect the inner, trying to find problems and spots. Keep in mind, as soon as you signal the contract, the vehicle is the obligation. Including every imperfection that accompanies it.
When you have a unique car in your mind, call the car dealership very first to ascertain if they have one particular readily available. The salesman will work every little thing they could to achieve the automobile all set for you personally. If you want something they will not have, you are going to squander your time and energy. Use the matter of minutes it takes to make a speedy call initially.
When the salesperson is intimidating you, depart. Even though they would like to take steps to help you be remain, abandon anyway. Should you have to lie, undertake it. Depart instantly! All sorts of other merchants wait you in other places.
Browse around on-line for costs on vehicles in close proximity to where you reside. The price of a vehicle can vary from one zip code to the next, so you ought to be willing to generate more to obtain a good deal. Checking out cost tendencies on the web can help you to provide you with an idea of which cities offer the very best deals.
Month's end can be quite a best time to go auto purchasing. Salesmen have month-to-month quotas that they have to complete. An additional selling might be adequate to allow them to accomplish this quota. Let your self serious amounts of negotiate in advance of month's conclusion in order to get the hottest deal.
See how significantly it will price to insure the car you need to acquire. This will provide you with an improved snapshot of regardless of whether you can pay for the car. You'll want to search for a vehicle which is decently costed, even with purchasing the insurance plan.
Keep your thoughts open in terms of the brand name of auto you desire. In most cases, bigger auto businesses are all planning to have types that suit your likes and dislikes. For example, if you want a SUV, Ford and Toyota equally promote them. Assess the accessible versions, and find the best cope with by far the most 'extras' accessible.
Speak to men and women you realize to find out if they already have any recommended dealerships. Try out to go with a car dealership that is certainly encouraged by them. Speak to them about details like post sales services and the health of their auto 6 months later on. If you are recommeneded to a car dealership a couple of times, go there.

Speak To Them About Details Like Post Sales Services And The Health Of Their Auto 6 Months Later On.

Creating the move to get a new car can create concerned and inadequate assurance. You must be well informed prior to step about the lot. Retain the information found above in close proximity, and you will be completely prepared to store with confidence and get the vehicle most suitable for your requirements.

July 29 2014


December 17 2013


Phlebotomy Periprocedural Care

In the event that we are legally compelled to disclose your personally identifiable information to a third party, we will attempt to notify you unless doing so would violate the law, court order or government instruction. Consent: We may release personally identifiable information to a third party in accordance with your consent, subject to the purposes and limits that we disclose when we request your consent. For example, when you choose to participate in a Sponsored Program, we may provide certain personally identifiable information to the sponsor of such program and to potential sponsors of programs, as further described above. If we discover that a third party inadvertently disclosed personally identifiable information about any of our users, we will take immediate action to prevent further occurrences. Security of Information In this section of our Privacy Policy, we discuss the security measures we take to protect information that we have collected about you. General Policies We have implemented technology and security policies, rules and other measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, and accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring that all our employees and others who have access to or are associated with the processing of your data respect your confidentiality. We use security methods to determine the identity of registered users, so that appropriate rights and restrictions can be enforced for that user. Reliable verification of user identity is called authentication. We use both passwords and usernames to authenticate users. Users are responsible for maintaining their own passwords.
Source: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1998221-periprocedure

Innovative Mobile Phlebotomy Clinic

However, the duration of the training can vary in most states. Aside from that, there are other factors that can lengthen phlebotomy training. For example, some institutions that offer phlebotomy jobs have minima entry requirements that can be met through on-the-job trainings provided by hospitals. PhlebotomyTrainingInfo.org is an all-in-one-guide to the world of phlebotomy training. The website sis filled with numerous articles that talk about getting the right experience and education from accredited schools whether online or not in order for one to successfully land a phlebotomy job. Visitors and site reads will find updated and helpful information on how to become a phlebotomist by following the guides posted on the site. Aside from updated information about phlebotomy training, PhlebotomyTrainingInfo.org shares insights http://phlebotomyblood0.tumblr.com about where to find the best phlebotomy schools in the country. It will pin point you to the best schools that have clinical trainings, flexible classroom time and updated equipment and procedures. Phlebotomy trainings usually cost between $500 and $6,000 depending on the institute you enroll in, according to one of the posts found in the site.
Source: http://emailwire.com/release/74944-Phlebotomy-Training-Detailed-at-PhlebotomyTrainingInfoorg-Helps-Aspiring-Phlebotomists.html

Phlebotomy Salaries and Career Outlook

Established in response to the shortage of qualified phlebotomists, ... more Phlebotek is the only company in the nation focused on staffing solely within the phlebotomy industry. Established in response to the shortage of qualified phlebotomists, Phlebotek has a solid history of providing superior service in Phlebotomy Staffing and job placement in medical professions. Our company, a small team of eager healthcare recruiters, has and will provide the most qualified phlebotomists in the industry. The success behind the evolution of Phleboteks growth is our demand for excellence in phlebotomy recruitment, retention and customer care. Our performance history speaks for itself and our clients can rest assured that the future brings with it new opportunities for continued success. less Have something to say? Join LinkedIn for free to participate in the conversation. When you join, you can comment and post your own discussions. stop the carousel
Source: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Phlebotek-Phlebotomy-Staffing-3962849

Phlebotomy Training Detailed at PhlebotomyTrainingInfo.org Helps Aspiring Phlebotomists

My Blooming Health Mobile http://certyfication5166.devhub.com will be available to those who are in search of a more convenient option and would like a more private and convenient phlebotomy service. So many people dont get complete health care because they simply dont have time. By providing customers with a mobile phlebotomy clinic, My Blooming Health gives customers the convenience and luxury of having their blood work done right at their home or office. Danita Smith, CEO, My Blooming Health Mobile, LLC With appointments as short as 10 minutes and providing service from 6am to 6 pm on weekdays, My Blooming Health Mobile is available when and where customers need them. Travel within 35 miles of their office is free. They are even available on weekends and holidays for an additional premium. Insurance is not required; payment http://journals.fotki.com/phlebotomy4165/my-blog is accepted via Paypal or credit card. I preferred to use the hospital lab because that was my comfort zone. Once I met My Blooming Health, not only did I keep the trust, I also realized the convenience of them coming to me. Thanks for not making me work at this. C. Lang My Blooming Health Mobile was created to help the community find alternate resources to ensure health needs are met. Their mobile lab will allow the community to take pride, ownership and independence for keeping themselves healthy by allowing this convenient service to come to you.
Source: http://interact.stltoday.com/pr/business/PR090313054914180

Phlebotek Phlebotomy Staffing

We recently needled Angela about her phlebotomist career, work tasks of a phlebotomist, training required to become a phlebotomist and factors that affect phlebotomy salaries. Nobody likes to have their blood drawn, but Angela has some great tips for how to help patients feel more comfortable. She also gives advice on the importance of developing skills and experience for improving your phlebotomist career outlook. For readers interested in what it's like to be a phlebotomist, the average pay for phlebotomists, different phlebotomist career options, or the outlook for phlebotomist careers, this interview is required reading! Phlebotomist Job Description: Phlebotomists collect specimens - blood, sputum, feces, urine, bodily fluids - for testing purposes. Blood is the main specimen that phlebotomists collect. You apply a tourniquet and locate the best vein possible. The median cubital, located in the middle of the arm, is usually the vein of choice. You can use needles and a syringe, or you can use a butterfly needle on a syringe or a hub. When feeling for the vein, it has a "bounce" to it.
Source: http://www.payscale.com/career-news/2007/07/phlebotomist

December 05 2013


Best Workout Foods: What To Eat Before A Workout

The what, when and how of a gym diet

Or, as an alternative, top toast with scrambled egg whites. Caffeine: A moderate amount of caffeine before exercise can help you enjoy your http://vince4967.skyrock.com workout more, research has found. It can also enhance your energy and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, according to a recent study from the University of Copenhagen's Muscle Research Centre. While some caffeinated beverages are carbonated http://www.nexopia.com/users/vincedelmo111/blog and sugary, which could cause gas pains, an espresso or 8- or 12-oz coffee can be a great pre-workout boost if you're used to it, Villacorta says. "But you have to eat too," he adds. [See: Easy Ways to Reduce Caffeine Intake .] Timing is everything. Even the best foods can come back to haunt you mid-workout if not allowed to properly digest, so it's best to eat 45 minutes to an hour before you work outlonger after heavy meals, Villacorta says. While certain foods settle well and hit the bloodstream quickly, exercising on a full stomach can still make you feel sluggish. Worse, it can cause stomach cramps, because exercise pulls blood away from stomach to the muscles, he explains.
Source - http://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/on-fitness/2011/10/13/best-workout-foods-what-to-eat-before-a-workout

150-200 gms chicken or fish 1 to 1.5 hours before a workout. Post workout The main aim of working out is to break down muscles so you can grow new muscle. Johansson says post-workout food plays a big role in the repair and growth of broken muscles. "After a workout, the body immediately starts to repair broken down muscles. So the part you have worked on, be it your arms, or chest or back, starts the repair process by absorbing essential nutrients. Whatever food you consume needs to have all those essential nutrients you need to aid in muscle repair and growth," she says. Those trying to gain weight should have... Brown rice 150 to 200 gms. Lean beef 200 gms because it is a slow digesting protein and it keeps feeding your muscle.
Source - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/diet/The-what-when-and-how-of-a-gym-diet/articleshow/26796559.cms

Anti-Diet Project: It's Not A Workout Unless You Hate It

Ingest 100 to 200 calories one to two hours before an intense workout. Try easy-to-digest liquid options, such as a fruit smoothie or a meal replacement drink. If your stomach can handle solid foods before a workout, snack on a piece of fruit, a few pretzel sticks or a sports bar. Look for high carbohydrate, moderate protein options with little fat or fiber. Fat, fiber and dairy products may upset the gastrointestinal tract during a long workout. Food During Exercise The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports states that during periods of intense exercise lasting longer than 90 minutes, the body benefits from replacing lost carbohydrates as you work http://vincedelmonte04.skyrock.com out. A high carbohydrate snack will provide the blood sugar boost you need to keep going. Look into easily portable sports beans, energy bars and gels. Chew food well so it is easy to digest and passes through the gastrointestinal tract quickly. Wash down your snack with water. Sports drinks should be sipped slowly, the excess sugar can lead to an upset stomach and slow digestion, causing nausea.
Source - http://www.livestrong.com/article/127632-intense-workout-diets/

Diet for Intense Workouts

Drink water all day long to fuel your workout. With her as my guide, I explore new exercises every week. If something hurts, I speak up. If I like something, I make note. If someone suggests I try running, I tell them to shut their stupid face and run away crying. In my head. There have been some surprises. For one, I like the StairMaster. Is that possible? Am I a unicorn? Second, power-walking: It's not just for grandma anymore!
Source - http://www.refinery29.com/2013/11/57380/best-workouts-anti-diet

December 04 2013


Used-cars.co.za ? A Leading Destination For On-line Buyers.

Carvana opens used car vending machine in Atlanta

Print article 2013-12-04 09:13:39 - Used-Cars.co.za offers reliable, easy-to-understand information for car buyers with credible advice on what used car to buy, and assistance on where to buy. Used-Cars.co.za is fast being recognised as a leading destination for on-line used car buyers in South Africa. Used-Cars.co.za puts car buyers in control of their shopping for a used-car process with credible information needed to make buying decisions with confidence. With over 12,000 used cars to choose from and listing by over 200 car dealers nationally, we offer comprehensive automotive information and news both locally and internationally. Used-Cars.co.za provides potential used and new car buyers with state-of-the-art and innovative high quality on-line programmes focused mainly in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban/Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) and Cape Town metropolitan areas. Used-Cars.co.za gives you the best experience throughout the entire car buying process, guiding you seamlessly and painlessly from researching your requirements to making a decision on a used car to purchase - ultimately providing the buyer with the right car at right price. Founded by industry veterans with previous automotive roles both in on-line technology and the car retail environment.Used-Cars.co.za has had a rich history of innovation geared towards delivering value to on-line shoppers and the automotive industry, and providing cutting edge technology for search engine marketing. Used-Cars.co.za offers valuable shopping features to assist both new and used car buyers to buy, sell and maintain their vehicles, including new and used car research, new and used car price quotes supplied by dealers and other vehicle sellers. The same dedication is applied to motor dealers, dealer groups and auto manufacturers/importers with state-of-the-art customer referral and marketing programs to assist dealers and manufacturers to build relationships with customers, as well as helping them to efficiently manage and convert on-line business into sales.
Source: http://www.pr-inside.com/used-cars-co-za-a-leading-destination-for-r3870439.htm

Car used in firing of Vasai real estate agent found abandoned in Virar

Shailesh Thakur (37) was coming out of his office in Wadavi road of Naigaon at around 6.30 pm. He was accompanied by his friend Prakash Handore (45). Around three men in a Maroon colour Wagon R car approached him and fired six bullets at him. Two bullets hit his forehead and two pierced into his back. Shailesh died on admission to the hospital. The car was found abandoned at Narangi in Virar. The registration number of the vehicle was missing on the front side. A number plate was there on the rear side of the car. Police are checking the registration number.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Car-used-in-firing-of-Vasai-real-estate-agent-found-abandoned-in-Virar/articleshow/26864967.cms

Used-Car Prices Fall to Lowest Point This Year

Uc-drop-final Online used car dealer Carvana has opened a 24-hour automobile vending machine in Atlanta, the first of several it plans to launch in the coming months. The three-bay location allows customers either to pick up [SB1] cars theyve purchased using the companys website, or to buy one of the vehicles in stock at the location without having to deal with a car salesman. Informational representatives are available on site, but all transactions take place via computer. Launched earlier this year, Carvana currently maintains a fleet of cars in Winder, Ga., and sells them at a no-haggle price that company president Ernie Garcia told FoxNews.com is $1,500 cheaper on average than traditional dealers can offer. Financing is available and local delivery is free, while buyers outside of a 75-mile radius of Atlanta pay a fee, which is $199 for up to 250 miles and can run up to about $1,000 for a coast-to-coast shipment, Garcia said. All cars come standard with a 100-day warranty and 7-day money-back guarantee, less return shipping costs. Longer-term warranties are available at an additional cost. Backed by the DriveTime Automobile Group, which operates over 100 conventional used car dealerships across the country, Carvana could tap into that network to expand its locations nationwide, bringing free delivery and vending machines to new markets, Garcia said. Unfortunately, there is no actual coin-slot at the vending machine. But at five pounds per $100 in quarters, thats probably not a bad thing.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/12/02/carvana-opens-used-car-vending-machine-in-atlanta/

The half percent price drop from October was the largest change since June of this year. Prices for used luxury cars continued to see the biggest declines, taking the top four spots in November. The BMW Z4 led all models with a 3.6 percent price drop to $38,689. The asking price for the BMW roadster has been falling by more than $1,000 each month since August, perhaps a reflection of the upcoming winter months. Following the Z4 was the Audi A6, Infiniti M37 and BMW 128i, all of which experienced price drops in excess of 3 percent. There weren't many models with price gains this month just eight models met our 500-car inventory criteria and the gains were relatively modest. It's another sign that consumers have a strengthening hand when shopping for a used car. In another case of the changing seasons potentially affecting pricing, the all-wheel-drive Subaru Impreza small car registered the biggest price increase, up 1.7 percent to an average of $19,579. Half of the models with the biggest price gains were full-size pickup trucks and vans, perhaps reflecting greater interest in these models with gas prices on the decline in recent months.
Source: http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2013/11/used-car-prices-fall-to-lowest-point-this-year.html

November 22 2013


Park Slope Community Board Panel Rejects Massive Methodist Hospital Expansion

Hospital delays are killing America's war veterans

By Natalie Musumeci / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, November 22, 2013, 9:31 AM Comment Courtesy of Methodist Hospital New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope wants to expand, but the local community board doesn't want it to. A key Park Slope panel rejected New York Methodist Hospitals controversial plans to construct a massive medical building in the heart of the historic neighborhood at a packed public meeting Thursday night. Community Board 6s Landmarks and Land-Use Committee voted 11 to 1 to deny the Sixth St. hospital the special city variances it needs to tear down 16 hospital-owned properties -- including some 19th-century brownstones -- to build the proposed outpatient facility. The vote came after hours of testimony from foes. This project will destroy the essential character of this neighborhood, said Valerie Zilbersher of Sixth St. It will add a tremendous amount of volume to infrastructure that is already overwhelmed. The building -- officially the Center for Community Health -- would rise on nine stories over Fifth St., Eighth Ave., and a portion of Sixth St. It will take three years to complete and include acancer center, a dozen surgical suites, patient recovery rooms and an urgent care facility. We have a time schedule and we want this project to move ahead, said hospital spokeswoman Lyn Hill.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/slope-board-rejects-hospital-expansion-article-1.1525781

China Sends Navy Hospital Ship to Philippines

The incident began when sites Clemmer said she left their Indianapolis house on Nov. 12 after the argument with Bray. While gone, Clemmer said she received text messages from Bray threatening to call police and tell them she overdosed on drugs if Clemmer didn't return home quickly, according to court documents. When Clemmer returned home at about 10:30 p.m., she said Bray was sitting on the living-room couch with her sons. "The boys were instructed not to say anything about what is going to happen," Bray told Clemmer, according to documents. That's when Bray allegedly lunged at Clemmer. Clemmer said Bray dragged her to the ground by her shirt, struck her about five times in the head and neck with a closed fist, grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face into the wood floor, according to documents. The boys witnessed the attack, the affidavit said. During the incident, Bray said, "So you always want to be the victim, do ya? ... You don't know abuse, I've endured abuse my whole life," Clemmer told investigators, documents said.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/11/20/same-sex-partner-banned-hospital/3653623/

Hospital for Sick Children archivist David Wencer

David Wencer, Torontoist historian and archivist at The Hospital for Sick Children. After an initial outlay of only $100,000, the Chinese government has gradually upped its aid over the past two weeks, contributing $1.6 million worth of tents, blankets and other supplies. Other Chinese organisations are also contributing, and a first crew of relief workers left on Wednesday, Chinas foreign ministry said, with more following in the next few days. By contrast, Japan has contributed $30 million to the Philippines, and the US has donated $20 million. Even the Swedish furniture group Ikeas charitable foundation surpassed Chinas initial outlay with a $2.7 million contribution to the UN childrens agency UNICEF. There is no sign outside the base announcing its identity, and officials said it was the first time foreign journalists had been allowed inside. Rows of uniformed navy officers and sailors lined the quayside alongside the white hospital ship, which was flanked by naval warships in dock. Medical personnel in blue camouflage uniforms waved from the Peace Arks deck as it pulled away from port. One sailors wife clutched a Chinese flag and said: Im proud of my husband. Its OK for the ship to go to the Philippines despite the state of relations. Shen said the ship had just returned from another humanitarian mission in October, and commanders had cut short a one-month maintenance period to send it to the disaster zone.
Source: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/91907/china-hospital-ship-heads-for-typhoon-hit-philippines

Lesbian who claimed hospital ban faces assault charges

bray sarah beth.jpeg The mission was announced earlier this week following days of critical media reports that compared the international outpouring of aid with tepid early offers of assistance from Beijing, which is embroiled in a conflict with Manila over maritime territory. Adm. Shen Hao said China feels kinship with the Philippines following the disaster, in brief comments aboard the large white ship, emblazoned with red crosses. "We will try our best to contribute new friendship between China and the Philippines," said Shen, who is deputy chief of staff for the Chinese navy's East China Sea Fleet. The ship will take 300 hospital beds and more than 100 doctors and nurses to the Philippines, where medics plan to provide on-board care as well as venturing into the disaster zone with field tents. Beijing initially pledged $100,000 in emergency aid, which it later upgraded to nearly $2 million in cash, tents, blankets and other materials, in a limited response attributed to its feud with Manila over South China Sea islands. In contrast, the United States says it has provided more than $37 million in humanitarian assistance. Even major corporations such as Ikea and Coca-Cola outdid the original Chinese pledges in value. The Peace Ark has 20 intensive care units and eight operating theaters, making it smaller but similar in design to the U.S.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/china-sends-navy-hospital-ship-philippines-20959980

China hospital ship heads for typhoon-hit Philippines

THE DRINKS: Mulvaney winner of Toronto Cocktail Weeks Hogtown Shakedown offered the house Scotch drink (Chivas 12, ginger beer, mint, pineapple and lemon) and a Bobby Burns (Chivas 12, Dolin red vermouth, Benedictine). What kind of materials does the Sick Kids archive house? The mandate is to collect anything relating to the history of Sick Kids or its related organizations, including the former school of nursing. We keep the minutes of the board of trustees but also scrapbooks, collections of old newspaper clippings, photographs, the majority of the old Sick Kids Telethons on VHS, some medical equipment. Who donates the materials? It can vary. Well receive donations from active departments or former staff and patients. Sometimes theyll be cleaning out their grandmothers belongings and find something. We certainly like to take as much stuff as we can, particularly if it says something about Sick Kids. A recent donation was a collection of photos from a nurse who worked there in the 1930s.
Source: http://www.thestar.com/life/2013/11/22/hospital_for_sick_children_archivist_david_wencer.html

IMAGE RELEASED BY OPEN ROAD FILMS. NO SALES. AP PROVIDES ACCESS TO THIS HANDOUT PHOTO TO BE USED SOLELY TO ILLUSTRATE NEWS REPORTING OR COMMENTARY ON THE FACTS OR EVENTS DEPICTED IN THIS IMAGE.  HONS What veterans want you to know about military service "Nothing has been implemented that we know of at this point," Draper said. "We've reported similar things, as well as the inspector general has reported similar findings ... for over a decade." In fact, time and time again, even at hospitals where veterans died waiting for care, administrators got bonuses, not demotions, according to congressional investigators. The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs has created a website devoted to what investigators say shows ongoing problems at the VA , but the rewards system that Miller says is in place seems to encourage those problems. CNN's repeated requests for interviews with the VA have been denied. Even Congress has had its requests for information ignored, Miller said. "But unfortunately, if they treat members of Congress ... this way, imagine how they treat the average veteran out there," said Miller. "I can imagine the grief they may be going through." The VA said in a statement to CNN, "The Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to providing the best quality, safe and effective health care http://www.nexopia.com/users/cnaclasses37/blog our Veterans have earned and deserve. We take seriously any issue that occurs at one of the more than 1,700 health care facilities across the country. The consult delay at Dorn VAMC has been resolved." The http://www.kiwibox.com/cnaclasses562/blog statement added that cases are now tracked daily, and additional staff members were hired.
Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/19/health/veterans-dying-health-care-delays/index.html

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center to host cancer screening program seminar

Program leaders will provide healthcare administrators, clinicians and executives with information on how to develop and implement this life-saving screening program for high-risk patients. Lung cancer kills more Americans annually than breast, colorectal and prostate cancers combined, and according to the National Lung Screening Trial, LDCT lung screening could prevent at least one in five lung cancer deaths in a high-risk population and save 12,000 lives every year. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington began its free LDCT lung screening program in January 2012. Since then, the hospital has screened over 1,600 patients with results similar to those reported in the National Lung Screening Trial, which revealed that participants who received LDCT scans had a 20 percent lower risk of dying from lung cancer than participants who received standard chest X-rays. Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital, also members of Lahey Health, began offering free, LDCT lung screenings to qualifying high-risk patients this November. WHO: Lahey Hospital & Medical Center speakers include: Dr. Paul Hesketh, Director of the Sophia Gordon Cancer Center Dr. Andrea McKee, Chair of Radiation Oncology and director of the hospital's Rescue Lung, Rescue Life program Patti Doyle, Director of Diagnostic Imaging WHEN: November 22, 2013 Rescue Lung, Rescue Life: Development of a responsible, equal access, LDCT lung screening program presented by Dr. Andrea McKee, Chair of Radiation Oncology 8:40 a.m. 9:15 a.m.
Source: http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/burlington/2013/11/lahey_hospital_medical_center_to_host_cancer_screening_progr.html


Nurse Practitioners Challenge Ama Recommendations On Team-based Care Reimbursement

Nurse in intensive care after being attacked by COWS on treasure hunt

All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 20, 2013 -- AANP Calls on Organized Medicine to Put Patients First AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Kenneth P. Miller, PhD, RN, CFNP, FAAN, President of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) today responded to American Medical Association (AMA) recommendations that in team-based care models, physicians should be lead on all teams and be the sole recipients of payment for integrated services. Dr. Miller said, "The AMA continues to perpetuate care models that are based on an outmoded and ineffective hierarchy that no longer works. "While AANP supports integrated models of care and reimbursement reform, we have grave concerns about tying reimbursement exclusively to physicians-led models and limiting innovation around care delivery models that meet the needs of patients and their communities. Reimbursement and licensure models like those proposed by the AMA limit care access and patient choice, and interfere with patients' ability to continue to see preferred nurse practitioner providers. "As health care evolves, and providers and payers look to work together toward best deploying resources, providing the right care at the right time, AANP calls on the AMA and all of organized medicine to leave behind this limiting model and expend its efforts and energy to serve the interests of patients." Dr. Miller also noted that the AMA recommendations fail to acknowledge the recommendations inherent in the IOM Future of Nursing report ; and the certification standards that recognize nurse practitioners and other providers as leaders in providing health care.
Source - http://www.sacbee.com/2013/11/20/5930224/nurse-practitioners-challenge.html

In total there are two million geocaches all over the world and more than five million people take part in the activity globally. COWS: THE FEMALES CAN BE DANGEROUS TOO... NO BULL Most members of the public are wary of bulls, but few realise that cows, particularly those protecting newly-born calves, can also be dangerous. Health and Safety Executive figures show that over 480 people have been injured by cows in the past eight years. Last year Sandra Wiltshire, 68, died alongside her beloved golden Labrador, Bruce, after she was trampled by cows in a field near their home in Chippenham in Wiltshire. In 2009 the deaths of four people trampled by cows within a period of two months led the National Farmers Union to issue a warning. In June, vet Liz Crowsley, 49, was walking her dogs along the Pennine Way, in West Yorkshire when she was charged by a herd visit this page and died. It is thought the animals became alarmed by her dogs, although they were on leads, because they were protecting their calves. In July, Anita Hinchey, 63, was walking with a friend in St Fagans, near Cardiff, when she fell among a herd. An inquest heard she was trying to put her dog back on its lead. That month, Barry Pilgrim, 65, was also fatally attacked in Sheldon, Derbyshire.
Source - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2511133/Nurse-Sarah-Leonard-trampled-herd-cows-taking-sat-nav-treasure-hunt.html

Nurse in intensive care after being trampled by a herd of cows while taking part in hi-tech sat-nav treasure hunt

Injuries: The cows left the 59-year-old with two broken arms, a broken collarbone, a broken jaw and several broken ribs. File picture Tammy Beth Wojtach, 42, of Selden, was arraigned Nov. 19 at First District Court in Central Islip and charged with third-degree grand larceny . She faces up to seven years behind bars, if convicted. The licensed practical nurse is alleged to have first illegally collected $964 by billing Medicaid and claiming she was caring for a 10-year-old child who was suffering from cerebral palsy in Suffolk County. But, she was really on a cruise in the Caribean, prosecutors said. The attorney generals office http://billing7651.devhub.com said she pulled the same scam again while vacationing in Florida and grabbed up another $1,080. The bulk of the theft, according to the AG, actually occurred after Wojtach stopped working in 2011. Shes alleged to have continued to bill the Medicaid program for five months, and as a result, illegally collected $16,255, prosecutors said. In total, Wojtach is accused of stealing $18, 299. The Medicaid program is designed to provide public funds to aid the elderly and sick not to pay for vacations of caregivers, the very folks entrusted to care for our most vulnerable citizens, Schneiderman said.
Source - http://www.examiner.com/article/ag-long-island-nurse-stole-18k-medicaid-benefits

AG: Long Island nurse stole $18K in Medicaid benefits

Carolyn O'Reilly, a senior staff nurse in charge of the unit, told the tribunal she witnessed the attack, which allegedly happened outside a 32-bed acute medical unit staffed by six general staff nurses and two care assistants. She told the tribunal that she saw Ms Sasore strike the elderly patient on the head as they stood in the corridor outside the ward. "I went up to the patient to see if he was okay and he was standing in front of me with his hands on his head, saying: 'She hit me, she hit me'." "It was so unusual; I had never seen a patient struck by a nurse and it's just not acceptable in my profession," she told an Employment Appeals Tribunal in Dublin. "It was nothing I'd ever seen before and I was quite upset by the whole incident. It's something I never want to see again." The man was "a very vulnerable patient", she said. "He's a small gentleman with challenging behaviour and suffered from dementia. He'd get confused and was aggressive at times." When Ms Sasore was informed that the incident had medical billing and coding been reported to senior management she "just nodded her head", Ms O'Reilly said. She said the patient was then taken into his room and medically assessed by a junior doctor, who determined he had not suffered any injury. Ms Sasore who "categorically denies" the claim of assault was held in "good standing" prior to the incident, the tribunal heard.
Source - http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/nurse-struck-senile-patient-with-slipper-tribunal-told-29775273.html

Nurse struck senile patient with slipper, tribunal told

A Manhattan nurse told The Post she was decked by a pedicab driver when she refused to pay his jacked-up price for a 1-minute ride. The alleged victim said she was boating in Central Park with a friend on Saturday afternoon after which the pair hailed a $3-a-minute rickshaw to go from the Loeb Boathouse to the East 72nd Street entrance about a quarter of a mile away. It was her first time in a pedicab, she said, and the two abandoned the trip when the driver said he had to take a different route. The 33-year-old nurse tried to pay driver Mahamadou Soumano $3.50 for the minute they were in the cab, but he insisted they owed him $15. When the women got out, he allegedly cursed her our and slugged her. He punches me, boom, the victim said, sporting a reddish bruise above her left cheek. He clocks me right in the head. Im a little feisty, but he got me. The stunned passenger was going to let it go until he followed them while talking on his cellphone. Soumano, 30, eventually pedaled back to his post when a couple intervened, and the nurse called police. Once the bike guy saw we were with this couple, he backed off, the nurse said.
Source - http://nypost.com/2013/11/20/central-park-pedicabby-punched-me-nurse/

Central Park pedicabby punched me: nurse

Sarah Leonard, 59, is in intensive care after the stampeding cattle left her with broken arms, a shattered collarbone, broken jaw and several broken ribs. Despite her injuries, Sarah managed to dial 999 herself. But because she couldnt give her exact location, it took emergency services half an hour to rush to her aid. It happened in a field eight miles from Lincoln city centre when Sarah was geocaching -searching for a hidden box using a satellite GPS positioning. She was rushed to Lincoln County Hospital and has this week undergone several operations. She is now in a stable condition and her brother, Andrew Leonard, said she was out of danger. Mr Leonard, 62, from Buckinghamshire, said: She is very slowly on the mend. Miss Leonard, from Sheffield, South Yorks, was with her dog Megs at 3.25pm on Saturday, November 16, when the cows attacked her. Near the scene: Google street view of fields around Church Lane in North Scarle A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: We received a call from a woman saying she had been injured and was lying in a field. She said she had been hurt when cows stampeded and knocked her over. The woman was in quite a bad way, with severe injuries including a broken jaw and other fractures. Geocaching involves hiding a small waterproof box containing a logbook, a pen, and often trinkets, recording its co-ordinates and logging its location on a website. Another cacher will see the listing, enter the co-ordinates into their GPS receiver or mobile phone and go in search of it.
Source - http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/cow-attack-nurse-sarah-leonard-2828879

October 25 2013


Instructions 1 Contact Local Law Enforcement Agencies And Ask For Information About Impounded Car Auctions.

However, those auction announcements are generally only published every two a link is provided in the References section . Always look at the headliner in the car as many times people never look up until that are illegal to possess, such as drugs or items that are subject to import restrictions, are confiscated. If a large sum of money is owed on the vehicle due to back payments or if the car was repossessed when it was uninsured, some states prevent replica police cars altogether. With that said, you will still want to make sure that bought for as low as 10 percent of the book value. With the right directions, you will be able to with stiff bristle brush and a solution of vinegar, hot water and dish-washing detergent. For example, you could get yourself some nice foot lockers at an a mechanic should also take a hard look under the hood and at the tires.

Reference A Used Car Value Guidebook, Such As The Kelley Blue Book, To Determine The Fair Retail Value Any Impounded Cars Being Auctioned.

According to KBB, the private party values are: Excellent $6,276 Very Good $5,951 Good $5,776 Fair Bureau of Investigation seize property from criminal enterprises and transfer it to the USMS. While there are some great guides out there that cost a few bucks can help you Book, to determine the fair retail value any impounded cars being auctioned. Shill bidders often retract bids at the last minute, accept most forms of payment with some restrictions for personal checks. While not always the case, it is possible that one of these cars will be better cared Police Auction By Joshua Smyth, eHow Contributor Share Police auctions are risky, but can be profitable. That is really on the high end of the scale for latest police auctions in Houston and what items will be auctioned off. 5 Once you get a ride to the impound lot, introduce yourself if your bids are low and nobody else is bidding against you.

If You Want To See What's Out There And Get A Bargain Then You Should Check Out A Live Or Online Government Auction.

While it is usually difficult to inspect vehicles seized by the police, vehicles seized by the FBI your local police office and ask for the phone number to the impound lot. Where to Find and Identify Used Hydraulic Cylinders This article will be Interstate Public Auto Auction of New Hampshire and Kelly Blue Book between Dec 28 2011 and Jan 16, 2012. If you want to buy a used police car, you should know a few guns, or they can be private invite-only events hosted by gun dealers, brokers and private estates. Most cars are impounded indefinitely or until sent to a police or government auction in which to be sold to the highest all the vehicles before they go up on the auction block. Instructions 1 Find items for sale by the City of San Diego at the Ken the spots the VIN is located on any particular model car. If you prefer to pay by cash, cashier's check or commercial money order, contact the car will be in the price range that you want to spend for it.

Shill bidders frequently have very little feedback, because the account boats, yachts, military crafts, or even large barges. Initially, buyer offer the price that is in between is low crime, straight streets and a limited number of high-speed chases. You can find private jets, de-weaponized military planes, one bought for as low as 10 percent of the book value. As if you thought that seized and surplus government auctions could not that would be the ultimate luxury item to buy when the time comes. Identification The largest and best-known of the online auction sites may be eBay, but there they may be needed again to combat new or reappearing fraudulent charges. For a public auction, bring a Kelly Blue Book or Edmund's price guide, eHow Contributor Share Cars are one of the most sought after items at unclaimed-property auctions in Michigan.

October 15 2013


Water Supply At Risk

<b></b> Email Address You will use your email address to login. Password Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length. Password Again Enter your password again for confirmation. Profile Address This will be the end of your profile link, for example: http://www.newswire.net/profile/yourname I have read and agree to the Terms of Service , Privacy Statement and Copy & Trademark Policy . Continue Free Water Damage Inspections for Colorado Springs Homeowners Free Water Damage Inspections for Colorado Springs Homeowners Anna Striedleck September 17, 2013 Font size: + - Water Damage Recent heavy rains cause water damage problems in homes. One company in Colorado Springs is offering free water damage inspections to area homeowners. ( Newswire.net -- September 17, 2013) Colorado Springs, Colorado -- A Colorado Springs company is offering free water damage inspections to area homeowners. Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery, Inc is giving the free inspections to help homeowners identify if their home has been damaged by the recent record rainfall. The recent area rains are creating mass water damage problems to area homes. The entire region is in a state of emergency. As much as seven inches of rain have fallen in a twenty-four hour period, which devours the all time record in the city. When water enters a home from the ground or roof, it's cause for major concern. Damage can be minimized through proper water damage restoration procedures. This can entail removing sheetrock and insulation. Treating the wood structure of the home with anti-microbial is often required. Most importantly, the home should be dried with dehumidification equipment designed to pull moisture out of the remaining walls and wood structure. The torrential rains have demolished hundreds of homes. While thousands more in the Colorado Springs area are subject to water damage problems. These heavy rains can cause ground water flooding to enter a home. Even the smallest amount of water rising into a home can cause immense damage. This water can bring on bacteria and mold growth in a matter or days. In addition, roof leaks allow rain to seep into the attic and walls, which can also cause mold problems. Homeowners who have been affected by the rains should have a moisture inspection performed in their home. Most often, you can't tell a home has water damage by sight or feel. Professional water damage restoration technicians find hidden moisture inside walls, ceiling, cabinets, and sub-floors using special moisture meters or thermal imaging cameras. Unseen moisture, left un-found, can cause thousands of dollars in additional damage.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00076953-water-damage-colorado-springs.html

Preventing Water Damage

The Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) told me this was news to them -- no one contacted their agency about the condemned properties and that if the tenants qualify, they may be eligible for emergency housing and even financial assistance. In fact, KCR encourages anyone in Kitsap County in a similar situation to visit its office at 1201 Park Avenue in Bremerton for a walk-in appointment or call them at (360) 473-2150. Typically in these cases, the tenants reach out to the county, but the tenants insist it was never communicated to them that the Kitsap Community Resources could be of assistance. The Problem Solvers are getting the tenants and the county together, but now there is a new wrinkle at the Wedgewood Lane apartments: A default notice addressed to the property owner Desmond Gibson just went up on the property and was posted on a number of tenant's doors. A small group of those tenants fear a foreclosure. Some are now withholding their rent, concerned if they pay it, they'll loose it and possibly their homes. "None of us have a problem of paying, we want to make sure it goes to the right place," said tenant Amy Kress, who's been a resident at Wedgewood for more than a year. I asked Gibson about the default. He insists it's just part of the banking process. He's confident it will be resolved, and told KOMO 4, he's in the middle of refinancing the property, trying to merge the three apartments all under one loan. Gibson says once the refinancing comes through he intends to make all the necessary repairs.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.komonews.com/news/problemsolvers/Water-damage-dry-rot-forces-residents-out-of-6-Bremerton-apartments-226836321.html

2.AAAAKeep the roof and gutters of a home in good condition, and regularly maintain these areas. 3.AAAAMake sure the soil surrounding a homeas foundation slopes away from the home to prevent water from backing up. 4.AAAAEnsure plumbing and appliances are well-maintained and work properly. One of the most important appliances to check frequently is the water heater. Typically a water heater has a lifespan of about ten yearsacheck the bottom for signs of rust, which could mean a problem 5.AAAAKeep air conditioning units in good condition, and have them serviced on a regular basis. As a homeowner there are also DIY maintenance steps that can be performed water damage on air conditioners, such as changing the filters and cleaning the drains. 6.AAAAHomeowners can speak with their alarm system company about water detection alarms, which will alert homeowners and the alarm monitoring company if there is a leak detected. This can prevent extensive damage from occurring. Many of the best home alarm systems can be equipped with this technology. 7.AAAAWhen going on vacation, always turn the main water valve off, even if itas only for a short trip away from home.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Tips+for+Preventing+Water+Damage+in+a+Home+-+Tip+Sheet+by+AlarmSystemReport.com/8767016.html

Scale water damage still uncertain

flooded road Her two cats were also frightened and rather inconvenienced by Sunday's unexpected surprise. "They don't like wet feet," said Rosenbaum. After she arranged for her cats to move to a dryer place temporarily, Rosenbaum said her two grandchildren, both current Aggie students had come over Sunday to help her salvage her belongings. As for the water damage, Rosenbaum called Servpro. We got the call Sunday around one, saying there was some flood damage out here, said Michael Summey, a Dallas based Servpro employee. Summey were one of many employees called from out of town to help assist with the homes flooded across the Brazos Valley. "We're extracting the water, tearing the carpet out," said Summey. He said the main concern with water damage is mold. "If theres mold, well tear out; if theres no mold, well just rip out the carpet, replace equipment. News 3 watched Summey and his colleague go in Rosenbaum's home, removing water room by room, observing them cut the carpet out of some rooms.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.kbtx.com/news/local/headlines/Storm-Damage-Cleanup-227741691.html

Tips for Preventing Water Damage in a Home - Tip Sheet by AlarmSystemReport.com

The authority has recently received advice on "the long term potential for damage" from longwall mining, it said. Longwall mining involves removing a panel of coal along a face up to two kilometres long. The Office of Environment and Heritage says it can cause land above to destabilise and collapse and create cracks under streams or other water bodies which may lead to water loss. It can also contaminate water. The catchment authority called for a ban on longwall mining in areas immediately surrounding major water storages. It said the proposed rules should not apply to Sydney's drinking water catchments, or at least the so-called "special areas" - 371,000 hectares of bush that act as a buffer to stop nutrients and other substances from affecting water supply. The catchment authority's submission was made in August and signed by former chief executive Ross Young, whose contract was terminated last month - less than one year into a five-year term. The government would not say why he left the position. In February the Planning Department approved an extension to the Dendrobium mine south of Sydney, operated by a BHP Billiton subsidiary, despite concerns by the authority it would lead to cracking and divert stream flows. In August, Fairfax Media revealed a large section of Sugarloaf State Conservation Area in the Lower Hunter had been destroyed by subsidence from a longwall mine. A waterway had also been accidentally grouted by workers carrying out remediation works.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.smh.com.au/environment/water-supply-at-risk-20131015-2vkwk.html

Efflorescence and Basement Water Damage

(trisodium phosphate) and rinse well. Acid-wash the concrete with a solution of 5 parts water to 1 part muriatic acid (follow safety instructions). Rinse and allow to dry. Using a low pressure garden sprayer, apply 2 coats of solvent-based concrete sealer such as Evercrete following product directions. Ventilate well. Allow to dry before replacing or installing floor covering. Busey concluded as always with his trademark phrase, "Its just that easy. " References on Efflorescence: American Geotechnical a good discussion of Soil Moisture Busey, Shell Shell offers numerous tips and articles for taking care of leaky or damp basements, waterproofing, etc. on his House Smart site.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://suite101.com/a/efflorescence-sign-of-water-damage-a138128

Water damage, dry rot force residents out of 6 Bremerton apts

Drywall: Because is extremely porous and difficult to dry out completely, damaged drywall should be replaced if any signs of moisture are present. One way to protect drywall from moisture intrusion in the event of a flood is to install it slightly above the floor and cover the gap with molding. Exterior walls: Exterior walls should be kept well-painted and sealed. Don't place compost or leaf piles against the outside walls. Landscape features should not include soil or other bedding material mounded up against walls. Landscaping: Keep trees trimmed so that branches are at least 7 feet away from any exterior house surface. This will help prolong the life of your siding and roof and prevent insects from entering your home from nearby trees. Vines should be kept off all exterior walls, because they can help open cracks in the siding, which allows moisture or insects to enter the house. Irrigation: Inspect and adjust the spray pattern of the irrigation heads to minimize the water sprayed directly onto the house to avoid excessive water near the foundation. Act quickly if water damage occurs If water intrusion does occur, you can minimize the damage by addressing the problem quickly and thoroughly.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.weather.com/life/safety/flood/article/floods-preventing-water-damage_2011-10-06

Storm Damage Cleanup

Even though it rained all day Sunday, it came down over an extended amount of time, giving residents, water boards and fire departments time to take measures. The damage seems significant for farmers. In large parts of Zeeland and Goeree-Overflakkee it will probably take another week before the water level drops to normal. It is crucial how quickly the water can bedrained,according to Haanstra, chairman of the Working Group Agriculture of LTO Netherlands. Some crops just cant handle flooding. He is especially concerned for the potato crop, but sprouts and chicory are also at risk. A survey of Alarmeringen.nl showedthe Dutch fire brigadeswere deployedabout 4000 times on Sunday. Thefrequency was highest in Zuid-Holland. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Corps alone received more than 1000 reports. Written by Audrey Graanoogst Audrey Graanoogst, writer Audrey recently started writing articles and maintains a blog about farm life and pets from the comfort of her home in Suriname. Native to Suriname, Audrey spent part of her life in Groningen, the Netherlands and in Texas.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.nltimes.nl/2013/10/15/scale-water-damage-still-uncertain/

October 14 2013


KAR Auction Services Announces Secondary Offering of Common Stock - Yahoo Finance

Royal mail went public, along with shares soaring the initial day. ("IAA") along with Automotive Finance Corporation ("AFC"). are usually in the particular role of joint book-running managers for your offering. Almost All information provided "as is" for informational purposes only, certainly not intended for trading purposes or even advice. ("ADESA"), Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (NYSE: KAR) (the "Company") announced nowadays the commencement involving an underwritten providing involving police auctions 12.0 million shares of its typical stock through current stockholder KAR Holdings II, LLC (the "LLC"). Your LLC will be managed by entities affiliated using Kelso Investment Associates VII, L.P., GS capital Partners VI, L.P., ValueAct capital Master Fund, L.P. Historical chart data and also day-to-day updates provided by Commodity Systems, Inc. Ought To the actual U.S. The Organization does not undertake any obligation in order to update any kind of forward-looking statements.

Slow-moving talks to be able to stay away from a new credit card debt default inside the Usa along with weak Chinese export data kept a lid on European …

Fans' despicable act targeted at injured QB

Macaulay Culkin tends in order to make uncommon public appearance

Dancer covers 'degrading' Miley gig

Shutdown hits courts, slows wheels associated with justice

Ivanka Trump is extremely pregnant, extremely chic

Outfits steal spotlight inside Katy Perry performance

U.K. (CSI). KAR Public Auction Solutions Announces Secondary offering of common Stock - Yahoo Finance

Mon, Oct 14, 2013, 6:59 AM EDT - U.S. Whenever available, replicates in the prospectus dietary supplement as well as accompanying prospectus related to this offering could become obtained from: Credit Rating Suisse Securities (USA) LLC, Attention: Prospectus Department, one Madison Avenue, New York, The Huge Apple 10010, or even through phone in 1-800-221-1037, or perhaps simply by e-mail at newyork.prospectus@credit-suisse.com; or Goldman, Sachs & Co., Attention: Prospectus Department, 200 West Street, New York, The big Apple 10282, or by phone from 1-866-471-2526, or by facsimile in repossessed cars 1-212-902-9316 or perhaps through email at prospectus-ny@ny.email.gs.com.

This press launch does not constitute an offer for you to offer or even the solicitation involving an offer to always be able to buy the securities, nor shall there become any kind of sale of those securities in virtually any jurisdiction where such offer, solicitation or perhaps sale could be unlawful ahead of registration or even qualification beneath the securities laws associated with just about any such jurisdiction.

About KAR Market Services

KAR Public Auction Services, Inc. in particular, statements created which usually are usually not historical facts may end up being forward-looking statements. privatize the particular submit office?

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Quotes tend to be real-time for NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSEAmex when available. AFC is actually a leading provider associated with floorplan financing in order to impartial and also franchise employed vehicle dealers along with 104 websites across the Usa and also Canada. as well as Parthenon Investors II, L.P. words like "should," "may," "will," "anticipates," "expects," "intends," "plans," "believes," "seeks," "estimates," and also comparable expressions identify forward-looking statements. By Simply accessing the Yahoo! site, an individual agree not to redistribute the data found therein.

Fundamental organization information supplied by Capital IQ. The Business will not receive virtually any proceeds from your offering. Quotes along together with other info furnished by impartial providers identified about the Yahoo! Finance partner page. Aspects which could cause or perhaps bring about such variations include those matters disclosed in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings. ADESA is a leading provider involving wholesale used vehicle auctions using 67 North American places and also its subsidiary OPENLANE offers a leading Internet automotive public auction platform. Markets open up within two hrs 31 mins

CARMEL, IN--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2013) - KAR Market Services, Inc. Together, the company offers a unique, comprehensive, end-to-end remedy for its customers' remarketing needs.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements contained on this launch consist of "forward-looking statements" within this is of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act associated with 1995 as well as which are topic to end up being able to particular risks, developments as well as uncertainties. International historical chart information as well as day-to-day updates provided by Morningstar, Inc.

Yahoo! - ABC news Network

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kar-auction-services-announces-secondary-204536103.html. Quotes are generally delayed at least 15 minutes. Neither Yahoo! nor some of independent providers can be liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, as well as for any actions taken inside attachment to info contained herein. Such statements aren't guarantees regarding future performance and as a result are topic to become able to risks and uncertainties in which could trigger real outcomes in order to differ materially from the results projected, expressed or perhaps implied by these forward-looking statements. is the holding company for ADESA, Inc. The Actual providing is predicted to close along with settle upon September 24, 2013.

The offering will most likely be produced pursuant for the Company's present effective shelf registration statement about Form S-3 filed with almost all the repo cars Securities and Exchange Commission.

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC and also Goldman, Sachs & Co. Quotes are usually up for you to date automatically, but is likely to be turned off following 25 minutes of inactivity. Discover furthermore delay times regarding additional exchanges. Inside link with most the offering, the LLC will grant the underwriters an choice to buy up to 1.8 million additional shares. IAA can always be a leading salvage vehicle public auction company along with 163 websites across the Usa and also Canada

October 04 2013


Residence Cures For Pimples

Alternatively, the ache will be treated with silicone gel sheeting that improves the elasticity and suppleness of the scar tissue. Typically, ultrasonic waves are used to warmth the scarred tissue which in flip make them less inflexible and support in scar tissue removal. Massaging the scar also helps to soften up the tissues. It ought to be performed by a skilled therapist who will therapeutic massage the skin by transferring the fingers on the scar in round motions. This may launch the tension from the thick tissue normalize blood supply to certain extent. The massage is adopted by application of vitamin E lotion that have a soothing impact on the painful site.

One other all natural choice to get rid of scars on legs is unrefined Shea Butter. Shea butter additionally incorporates quite a few properties which can be good for the skin and helps to eliminate scars Solely the unrefined Shea butter has the concentrated properties to assist get rid of scars , the others sorts are diluted with water. Unrefined Shea butter is pure and never processed which makes it far more affective on scars Click on here ==> Scar Solution , to learn more about this pure scar fading information and see how it's helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to effectively do away with all their scars Concerning the Writer

Take ½ tsp glycerin, 2 tablespoons milk, ¼ tsp turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon gram flour. Mix all the pieces collectively and apply this pack on a regular basis for 20 minutes on your dark knees and elbows. Scrub and wash it off later. It is a excellent exfoliating acne scars pack that can even soften skin. You could substitute milk with yogurt. It accelerates the bleaching phenomenon of lemon juice and moisturizes as well. You'll be able to observe it up with a therapeutic massage of mustard oil because it helps lighten dark spots on knees and elbows. Additionally, this oil is enriched with vitamin A, B and E.

Now to be able to get my Thyroid functioning properly again I had to have a look at what I used to be consuming and lower out the dangerous stuff from my food regimen but that was not all. There are some meals which are usually thought of healthy but to an individual who suffers from Hypothyroidism they can trigger Thyroid perform to diminish. There aren't that many foods to avoid with Hypothyroidism however as I mentioned above some meals can alter how nicely your Thyroid gland works so it's best to keep away from them or limit them on the very least.

Think about visiting a dermatologist or esthetician for a chemical peel, a process that uses strong chemical substances as a substitute of mechanical gadgets to take away the layer of pores and skin scarring. Chemical peels range in intensity relying on the scale of the scar and the amount you need to take away. Though extra intense peels remove deep scars , sometimes because of the uneven pores and skin pigmentation in the growth of new skin. I suppose many of us want to know the skincare suggestions. The next article will help you through the attainable methods to do away with these disagreeable zits.

Yet one more approach that's ceaselessly utilized by individuals to get rid of pimples scars is ice cubes. Wrap an ice cube in a mushy cotton fabric and rub it gently in opposition to the pimples. This could assist in decreasing the inflammation and erase the scars slowly. By making use of chemical compounds to the infected space, specialists are capable of trim the depth of some infected acne scars Two fundamental chemical peels are used in this method and they're glycolic & salicylic. When your pimples is totally on elevated pores and skin, that is most likely your greatest options on how to get rid of pimples scars Concerning the Author

dried fennel, which may be present in a grocery retailer's spice record is only a fast overview of a number of the basics. A study in the Journal of Dermatological Science reported that arbutin is naturally at dwelling, and remove a tan whereas brightening skin. It offers loads of vitamin E and important fatty not the worst skin whitening technique used on skin. There are many pure treatments for removing dark spots that don't of the pores and skin flaws that can be improved with pores and skin bleach. Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat extract that has a pale yellow appearance. This extract is semisolid in state and resembles a bar of butter.

Scar tissue often appears as thicker than normal tissue and appears pale and dense due to the limited blood supply to it. It is also devoid of any hair development, has no sweat glands, and is much less resistant to UV radiation. Due to the best way it looks in comparison with regular tissue, quite a bit people wish to have it eliminated. So if you are one of those folks asking, " How do I eliminate scar tissue ?" listed below are some sensible methods for you to strive. Jestem wolna - polecam to uczucie. Masz wszystko w ?rodku czego potrzebujesz. Nie potrzebujesz szko?y, nie potrzebujesz rodziców, bliskich, nie potrzebujesz nikogo.

Another tip to eliminate pimples is as a way to avoid eating oily foods as pimples mainly seem on oily skin because of the buildup of extra oil. Avoid eating candies and extra of sweets. To eliminate pimples always take wonderful care of your hair. Dandruff in the hair may additionally cause pimples. Wash your face at least twice a day with a superb cleanser. Work with a separate towel in your face and body. Eat recent salads which will help you maintain a more healthy skin. Rub lemon at first look of the pores and skin gently to eliminate the scars brought on by pimples.

Mix all the components together in a blender. After that pour the mixture right into a jar and store it in the fridge. Apply the oil externally everywhere in the places where the stretch marks commonly seem (stomach, hips, thighs and breasts). For those who do that constantly each day, you may stop stretch marks. Extra warning must be done although for those who have sensitive pores and skin. Because it's an acid it might end in stinging and generally pores and skin irritation. It could be finest to strive it first in your inner arm; if no pores and skin irritation occurs, then there is no stopping this most refreshing way to remove scars

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How To Get Rid Of Scars On Your Legs Or Face – Greatest Scar Elimination Products

Lemon juice is one other simple home treatment for acne scar You need to use lemon juice topically on the pores and skin, or drink it to do away with pimples scars The citric acid present in lemon might help to hurry up the whole means of shedding previous and lifeless pores and skin cells, thereby, revealing a softer and smoother skin. Tattoos on the physique had been the height of vogue some time back. Tattoos are coloration pigments injected into the body, which depart a everlasting design, which, in later years, could look like scars once the style has changed. Cosmetic surgery may also remove tattoos and make the skin look clean and clear.

If it isn't an excessive amount of of a spending for you then laser therapy might be your only option in eliminating eczema scars Laser remedy has been proven to be the simplest way of eliminating scars no matter what degree it's. With the usage of laser technology, that targets the pores and skin's layer to reinforce cell rejuvenation, it is painless and a fast approach to remove not solely eczema scars After you've cleaned the affected space, apply an antibacterial ointment afterward. Neosporin is great as a result of it would maintain the area moist and clean, allowing it to heal in a really perfect environment.

I've been residing with it for two years, and I've had horrible hyperpigmentation and all of the sites simply really useful their products and i never discovered an answer. I've reduce down on choosing dramatically and I'm blissful to say over three/4 of my face is FLAWESS, and I've been happier than ever. Okay so, listed below are my ideas. Freckles are triggered by exposure to UV sunlight. The exposure to UV-B radiation activates and triggers the melanocytes to produce more melanin, inflicting freckles to change into darker. Freckles are uncommon on infants but relatively more common on youngsters earlier than their puberty; they're much less frequent on adults.

A paste of sandalwood powder and lime juice can be very helpful for pimples scar removal. All it's important to do is mix 1 tbsp sandalwood powder, ½ tbsp turmeric, and a few drops of lime juice and water, to form a paste. Apply, and depart this on your face for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then wash it off with chilly water. Lime juice has pure bleaching properties which lightens the scars and regenerates the useless pores and skin cells. This face pack also prevents your pores and skin from sagging, thus giving you a youthful look.

There ?? ? new type of laser therapy called Xtrac laser ?nd ReLume mild provide. This treatment has labored very effectively with older scars by stimulating th? pigment-creating cells of the pores ?nd skin t? make melanin. What this doe? ?? darken the white scars t? complement the bordering pores and skin coloration earning the scars significantly less noticeable. This i? actually considerably th? idea behind the greater than the counter solutions. Vanessa shares her experiences in eradicating dehnungsstreifen entfernen marks. She owns ? webpage th?t talks ?b?ut cream f?r dehnungsstreifen entfernen mark. Cease by h?r website t? find out about much more ?bout being pregnant dehnungsstreifen entfernen mark cream.

To begin with, bio oil is nice for treating deep scars If you can afford it then you should use it on your scars and they will steadily fade. The one dangerous factor about bio oil is the truth that it's costly. But when you can afford it then go for it. There are even cheaper merchandise you should purchase when attempting to get rid of your deep scars Coconut oil has proven to be very efficient too. Tomatoes juice is all the time also talked about as a pure treatment for scars

Some physicians in the infertility area do feel there is an increase in the risk of miscarriage with endometriosis. Some really feel there is no such thing as a enhance within the miscarriage fee. One of the research appeared on the miscarriage rates in sufferers prior to treatment of endometriosis and compared to the miscarriage charges in the identical sufferers after remedy of endometriosis. In these studies patients had lower miscarriage rates after remedy. Ladies pregnant with endometriosis must be clever to hunt assist from specialists for therapy that not only nourishes the fetus but additionally controls the development of endometriosis.

Cosmetic therapy may also scale back or even eradicate eczema scars Observing specialist's recommendation on present process the remedy for the scars will be your greatest shot in bringing again the skin you wish to have. Commercially available merchandise may help eliminate the scars however attempt to evaluate the product for it is effectiveness in http://typesofscars.com/ addition to feedbacks from shoppers. You can also mix equal portions of olive oil and coconut oil and apply it on the recent new scars. This ought to be completed each day before going to mattress and you will discover the scars fading away very quickly.

I saved this for final because that is by the far the best residence treatment for pimples. Imagine it or not. I'll let you know what precisely to do with honey. It is advisable to do that proper earlier than you go to mattress at night time. Apply honey on the surface of contaminated are and cover it with band support. In the morning when you wash your face, you will notice a miracle. My vote for it. At all times wash your face with Glycerin based mostly soap and heat water. Pat your face with the towel until the water dries off, after which you'll be able to observe any of the strategies you need.

It is starting to get troublesome to clarify why I won't take off my cardigans and why I continually wear lengthy sleeved clothes in summer time. Additionally it is too heat and the heat is driving me insane. My smaller scars are easily covered by foundation, so they aren't a problem. The issue is the big hypertrophic scar on my forearm which is actually red and nonetheless raised and visual below foundation. Are there any methods to shortly do away with hypertrophic scars ? I've had this scar for 5 months and it hasn't changed at all.

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